California and Oregon Coast drive March 12th

Leaving Sacramento I had a couple of choices for my route to Oregon. I wasn’t in a rush, so I opted to drive along the California coast line. I looked at the estimated drive time and figured I’d make it to Bend late that evening. I didn’t take into account just how many times IContinue reading “California and Oregon Coast drive March 12th”

Sebastapol and Sacramento, CA

After a visit to the coast, the Redwoods, and the prior evening out in Santa Rosa, my sister and I spent Saturday afternoon and evening in her new hometown, Sebastapol. I’d never heard of Sebastapol until she said she was moving there. It’s only about 90 minutes outside of San Francisco, and right in beautifulContinue reading “Sebastapol and Sacramento, CA”

Solitude and Powder Mountain, Utah March 3rd – 7th

On the morning of March 3rd, I was still at Big Sky in Montana. Even that morning, I was considering heading west to Washington State, Oregon, or going north into British Columbia.  I kept seeing this amazing forecast for Utah. I decided to head south and hope to hit the storm. Posts on “Open Snow”Continue reading “Solitude and Powder Mountain, Utah March 3rd – 7th”

Big Sky, Montana February 25th and 26th

If I can sum up this place in one word: Wow. It’s huge. They weren’t kidding when they said this place has “The Biggest Skiing in America”I’ve visited large resorts before, Vail and Breckenridge are also huge. Skiing at large resorts is fun, but also requires some planning. It can take hours to get fromContinue reading “Big Sky, Montana February 25th and 26th”

11 years ago last week – One of my first days skiing February 2007

Growing up I wasn’t a skier, I think much of my family is still scratching their head wondering where this passion came from. No one in my immediate family skis, and I maybe went a handful of times as a kid. Once to Stowe, I was injured the first day. Another time to a placeContinue reading “11 years ago last week – One of my first days skiing February 2007”

Granite peak, Wisconsin February 23rd

On the night of February 22nd, I pulled off an exit near Granite Peak and went right to sleep for the night. After the drive around Lake Michigan, and having skied earlier that day and the night before, I  badly needed some rest. I also didn’t want to drive at night though a storm andContinue reading “Granite peak, Wisconsin February 23rd”